Static Site Generators

There are number of options you can use for static website or documentation generation, and we honestly can’t recommend any particular. However it’s important to understand that deadlinks itself designated to eliminate just one issue with documentation - dead or broken links, static site generator you using, can have additional features that will improve your CI process. It’s nice to know what tools can do what and integrate their features into CI.

Static site generator can:

  • Show information about missing links or not included files.

  • Describe markup errors found in source files

  • Check for the issues with external or internal links too.

This is incomplete list of known CI features you can integrate in your pipeline.


Sphinx itself, doesn’t support files serving, so we will always rebuild files before testing, however it checks included, missing links, and generate corresponding warnings. You also can use sphinx via

#  -q will limit output only to warnings
#  -W will turn warnings into errors
#  --keep-going will show all found errors, not just first one.
sphinx-build docs html -qW --keep-going

# same effect if used via
python3 build_sphinx -c docs --build-dir build -qW --keep-going


MkDocs is quite nice and configurable static docs generator, which can serve files and exit on warnings (--strict option).

# Serve files at
mkdocs serve --strict --dirtyreload --dev-addr

# Just build files
mkdocs build --strict